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9-1-1 Advice Regarding Suspected Terrorism

Inundation of calls to 9-1-1

The regional 9-1-1 center for Clark County has been inundated with calls from concerned citizens ever since the nationwide anthrax scare began. Reported incidents have ranged from simple leters with handwritten addresses or no return address to unidentified powder in various locations. To date, all such incident within Clark County have not been related to terrorism and dis not represent any threat to the community.

Citizen concerns about terrorism are understandable. However, the vast majority of citizens are not at risk of receiving a dangerous letter or package. In order to utilize emergency responders effectively, Clark County Emergency Services Agency (CRESA) will assist ppublic safety agencies in determining the degree of threat with a reported incident.

Reports taken seriously

All reports of terrorism will be taken seriously. If a citizen reports a suspicious package or substance, the 9-1-1 dispatcher at CRESA will ask additional questions. The added queries should relieve the anxiety of the caller, as additional information may be obtained that sharply reduces the index of suspiciion that the occuranece is an act of terrorism. If, after extensive questioning, terrorism cannot be ruled out, public safety personnel will err on the side of caution and respond appropriately.

Further information

Additional or more specific questions related to public health should be directed to the Southwest Washington Health District during normal business hours at 360-397-8215.

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