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Save a Life Today - Slow Down


 Clark County has one of the highest rates of pedestrian deaths among Washington counties. Help make Washington safe for pedestrians by following these simple rules, published by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

  • Too many distractions inside the car compete for your attention. Pull over and stop when using a cell phone.
  • Train yourself to look for pedestrians, as well as other cars
  • Slow down and follow the posted speed limits
  • Yield to pedestrians at all intersections, marked or unmarked
  • Be alert especially in areas of high foot traffic, especially where there are more children and seniors
  • Remember bad weather affects our vision and ability to react on the road—the drivers as well as pedestrians.

Summer weather means more children and more traffic on the streets. At car speeds under 25 mph, a pedestrian has an 85-90% survival chance. The higher the speed, the greater the chance that a pedestrian will die.


Posted by wem on 05/01/2002
Last updated by mmoyer on 08/28/2011
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